Monday, September 24, 2007

Butch is a Noun by S. Bear Bergman “is actually a book, but it reads like a monologue so I was able to adapt part of it. It’s about transgender issues—about how anyone who breaks gender norms, or mixes them, is treated differently, including inside the queer community. Bergman uses humor and a very gentle approach.” As an observant Jew, Bergman also talks about the intersection of identities, of being Jewish and queer.

Hidden: A Gender is a play by Kate Bornstein, a transgender performer, playwright and gender theorist, the author of Gender Outlaws: Men, Women and the Rest of Us. “Gender wasn’t always seen as binary, but now we’re seen as only male or only female, while everything else in our human experience is a continuum,” O’Hara says. “ This play reflects Kate Bornstein’s own journey. I changed the locale of this play from a TV talk show studio to a circus, to emphasize that people who are struggling with their gender identity are treated like circus freaks—the Bearded Woman and so on. This play is very over the top, very funny. It’s been a lot of fun working on it—I’ve fallen in love with this play more and more as I’ve worked on it.”

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