Monday, September 24, 2007

“Queer”, for those who don’t know, is currently the preferred term for the community that includes Lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual individuals (or LGTB for short.) So this “Queer Theatre Extravaganza,” says director Jean O’Hara, “is an opportunity for everyone to be entertained and at the same time learn something new, to expand our minds and experiences and see things through another person’s perspective.”

“That includes active members of the queer community, too,” she adds. “Just because you’re in it doesn’t mean you understand every issue, or every type of experience.”

“For the straight community, this is an opportunity to gain more awareness and insight—the reality is that we all have queer people in our lives. It’s also an opportunity to enjoy yourself, to go on a journey that is fabulous and interesting and fun.”

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