Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Dances: "Finding Flight"

Finding Flight
Choreographers: Athena Clune, Jaese Lecuyer, Jerri Sweeney
and Sharon Butcher.
Dancers: Cheri Anchondo, Shelly Brantigan, Nerissa Castilleja, Alisha Goodrich, Jaese Lecuyer, Kendra Staton, Jerri Sweeney.
Vocal performers: Arcata Interfaith Gospel Choir
Percussionists: Jim Froland, Dave Janssen, Jesse Jonathan, Oliver Ebrihiminkm.
Lighting Designer: Lisa Voelker
Costume Design: Erin Voudy

This collaboration with the Arcata Interfaith Gospel Choir blends the body of dance and the voice of Gospel song. It represents a journey from struggle and oppression to a freedom of soul and mind. There are three sections in this dance: the first represents struggle and the camaraderie formed through trying situations; the second is a duet, representing one woman’s journey into a more empowered way of being and the guide who takes her forward; the third section is a celebration - the group rejoicing in the freedom gained when fears are confronting, new journeys are undertaken, and the soul soars unburdened.
"The dance opens with a group of people facing hardship, their movement is weighted and burdened. Then one of the dancers--Jerri Sweeney-- is in a place on stage where she can move forward. Jaese serves as the ferryman who can show her the way—they do a really nice duet."

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