Friday, March 6, 2009


From the review in the Eureka Times-Standard Northern Lights by Beti Trauth:

"... from its unique storyline and perfect ensemble casting, to every outstanding artistic and technical element, this is definitely a stunning production to be reckoned with..."

"[Playwright John] Adekoje has created people and behavior that alternates between the graphically natural and ritualistically mystical..."

Dion Davis plays the elder Babalawo with intense authority, as he manipulates the others with his spells. As Oba, the father, Thomas Tucker brings an edge of humor to the role, overlaying his loneliness with brash bravado.

His estranged son Omo Alade (whom he has not seen for years), is played with edgy poignancy by Siray Ronta' Rodgers; and Natasha Harrell is heartbreakingly real as the damaged deserted wife/mother, Oyaba."

"Running without an intermission to interrupt the flow of the script, the audience is completely immersed in the action, from start to finish -- and it's not an easy journey. But “Jagun Fly” is worth it. It's a stunning piece of theatre that will surely become even more so as it grows artistically with each performance. I highly recommend that you see the show before it closes this weekend. "

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