Monday, November 2, 2009

“The reason I’m pioneering the cooperative approach is because of my background at Sundance,” Scheerer said. “I really believed in the independent film movement in the 80s, and I could never find a way that the producers didn’t end up owning the work and making all the money. We’d rather divide the profits with the people who made the film.” Because of the North Coast shoot, HSU students are now among those people.

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Sam said...

Has anybody in Montana or on the North Coast seen any profit? I doubt they will ever, at least they learned one lesson. Below is a good explanation of the 'deal' the workers made. It is hardly "pioneering" as Scheerer would have you believe, unless he's referring to the Gold Rush era.

Cited from the Law Offices of Akua Boyenne a LA Entertainment Law Firm:

"However, net profit participants share in the net profits which is the amount of money left, if any, after all allowable deductions including: distribution fees, distribution expenses, the negative cost of the picture, any interest and financing charges, overhead charges, gross participations and deferred participations. Needless to say, net profits usually amount to nothing."