Sunday, March 28, 2010

STEFANIE HERO: The Playwright

Mark Medoff won the 1980 Tony for Best Play for his drama, Children of a Lesser God. He also wrote the screenplay for the 1986 film version, which earned him an Academy Award. It starred William Hurt, nominated for Best Actor, Piper Laurie, nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Philip Bosco, and newcomer Marlee Matlin, who won the Best Actress Oscar.

Among Medoff's other plays are The Heart Outright, The Kramer and When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?

In addition to winning awards as an actor and later a documentary filmmaker, Medoff became an award-winning educator. He has taught principally at New Mexico State University where he co-founded the American Southwest Theatre Company. He premiered many of his own plays there, including Stefanie Hero.

Stefanie Hero premiered in 1990, directed by Medoff. It was the theatre's most successful production to date. "We doubled our usual run; we could have doubled that," he wrote, " because through one of those magical theatrical accidents, the play appealed equally to children and adults."

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