Sunday, March 28, 2010

STEFANIE HERO: The Production

Director Jyl Hewston directed Stefanie Hero before--as the holiday show in 1995 at Ferndale Rep. "This is a much different production. Gist Theatre is smaller and more intimate, and we're not limited to a procenium stage, so we're closer to the audience--we're in the audience, above them and around them! It's much more interactive. And more physical."

Sword fight choreographer Jasper Anderton (who also plays the mysterious Scarlet Knight) just finished directing the Ferndale Rep production of Wait Until Dark. He was the fight choreographer for NCRT's Romeo and Juliet.

Also fresh from the same duties for NCRT’s Romeo and Juliet is scenic designer—and HSU Theatre graduate student—Calder Johnson. Steven Dewy, who designed sound for The Homecoming, is doing that for this show--but he's also contributed some original music for Stefanie Hero. He's a high school student bound for Cornell where he will study music.

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