Wednesday, April 7, 2010


photo: back row:John Trautwein and Omar Garcia; front:Anna Rivera and Wendy Gonzalez in "Yucatan" by Jeff O'Connor and Jackie Silva.

Emotions dancing inside the brain, healing from within and from a decent health care system, a spy movie jazz spoof, traditional dances from the Yucatan, and a water ballet on dry land-- these are just some elements of the HSU Motion Collage dance concert, presented for one weekend only in the Van Duzer Theatre beginning April 15.

“It’s a collage created by eleven different choreographers,” explained director Linda Maxwell, “with different ways of working, different cultural roots and different styles of dance.”

Most of the choreographers are HSU students, from both the dance program within the Theatre, Film and Dance department, and from the Interdisciplinary Dance Studies seminar, which stresses partnerships with musicians and other artists. That’s why the concert will also include an opera singer and several large Chinese drums.

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