Wednesday, April 7, 2010

photo: Carrie Walpole and Erika Burg in Julia Giardino's "Cortex Kaleidoscope."

Cortex Kaleidoscope
Choreographer: Julia Giardino
Music: Giardino, Hemar, Jara, Quigley
Poem: Briana Contreas
Dancers: Erika Burg, Dion Howard, Jennifer Moore, Jessica Munger, Ian Radloff, Suzy Sciancalepore, Jackie Silva, Carrie Walpole.

A dance about the mind, and the balance of thoughts and emotions necessary in life’s journey, featuring a poem by HSU student Briana Contreas.

Julia Giardino is an Interdisciplinary Dance Studies major and president of the Dance Club at HSU.

Choreographer: Jessica Manuel
Musician: Gary Ronne
Dancers: Kara Ajetunmodbi, Kelly Gordon, Suzy Sciancalepore.

With high energy and passionate movement, this dance expresses the strength and dedication of “Inahan,” which is Visayan for “mother.”

Jessica O. Manuel is a senior Interdisciplinary Dance Studies major. Her dance, “Darkness, She Speaks,” performed at last spring’s HSU dance concert (“Between Floor and Flight”), was selected for presentation at the American College Dance Festival 2010 in Tempe, Arizona.

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