Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Student filmmakers Elizabeth Cruz and Sammy Seidenberg. Ben Jackson photo.

Arcata From Dawn Till Dusk
Executive Producer Ann Alter
Producer Sarah Lindsey Beck

Los Bagels
Produced & Directed by Asher Dunkelman & Kenzie Stetzler
Edited by Paulina Lopez
Production Manager Asher Dunkelman
Camera Jeff Cronise
Sound Isaac Malmuth
Thank you Los Bagels Arcata

Disc Golf
Produced & Directed by Jeff Cronise
Edited by Jeff Cronise & Jeffrey Fleig
Camera Jeff Cronise
Sound Jeffrey Fleig
Production Assistant Isaac Malmuth
Thank you M. Fritz Baur & Nick Macintyre

StewART Studios
Produced, Directed & Edited by Leah Coon & Kirsten Hexberg
Production Manager Lean Coon
Camera Kirsten Hexberg
Sound Elizabeth Cruz & Sarah Lindsey Beck
Assistant Editor Isaac Malmuth
Thank you Steven Vander Meer, Carol Andersen, Joyce
Jonte, Libby George, Allison Reed, Susan
Bornstein, Patricia Sennott

Humboldt Patient Resource Center
Produced & Directed by M. Fritz Baur
Edited by Jeffrey Fleig
Camera Jeff Cronise
Sound Jeffrey Fleig
Thank you Mariellen Jurkovich

Carmela’s Mexican Restaurant
Produced, Directed & Edited by Carlos Machuca & Paulina Lopez
Production Manager Paulina Lopez
Camera Carlos Machuca
Sound Sarah Lindsey Beck, George Nelson III, M.
Fritz Baur, Russell William Thorpe
Thank you Carmela and the staff

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