Wednesday, August 25, 2010

From the Shabbat Dinner segment.

“I thought it was important to show some of our diversity,” Alter said. “We have the coast, the mountains, the farmlands in the Bottoms. We have seniors and children as well as a large student population. We tried to reflect as much diversity as we could within the structure, and with the time we had to make the film.”

“Because this is the only documentary in the series from the United States, or from California, I felt a lot of responsibility to represent them in some way. But basically the film is about Arcata.”

The Arcata film was funded in part by the American Documentary Showcase and HSU Associated Students Instructional Related Activity Fee. Other films in the series are created by film students in Albania, China, Croatia, Slovakia, Australia, Iran and Russia.

Arcata From Dawn Till Dusk will be screened as a sneak preview at 7 pm on Saturday September 11 in the Van Duzer Theatre on the HSU campus. Attendance is free. It’s a child-friendly film, but children should be accompanied by an adult. DVDs of the film will be available for purchase at the sneak preview.

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