Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rumi CD Release Concert

Seabury Gould is the music director for the upcoming HSU production of An Evening with Rumi, but this is not his first experience with the 13th century Sufi poet, or with integrating his music with Rumi’s verse. In fact he’s been working on doing that for at least a dozen years, and by some cosmic coincidence, these efforts come to fruition in a new CD, to be released just a few weeks before the completely different HSU show opens.

So it’s appropriate that the release concert for this CD titled Rumi: Let that musician finish this poem, will be in the Gist Hall Theatre (where the HSU production will be presented.)

Seabury Gould is a Humboldt County musician and storyteller. His CD combines readings of Rumi’s poetry (translations by Coleman Barks) with his music, and includes guest musicians Eddie Guthman and Jolie Einem.

The release concert for Rumi: Let that musician finish this poem is Saturday November 13 at 8 pm in the Gist Hall Theatre. Donation: sliding scale $3-5. For more information: Seabury

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