Sunday, April 10, 2011

Catie Hager, Nicole de Paolo, Kara Ajetunmobi, Hannah Lautze in "Making Contact" by Aren Rye.
For example, Energized Matter, based on the flow of electricity, is a mix of hip-hop, modern dance and acrobatics by student Micol Arias, who trained with the East Los Angeles Let’s Dance Company. Making Contact explores connections between dancers in the free contact dance spaces called jams. Choreographer Aren Rye draws upon movement training in tai chi, yoga and martial arts as well as ballet and modern dance.

El Amor con Tres Puntos by Faith Gomes explores dynamics among lovers, while Siren Song by Keili Simmons Marble portrays five sensuous sirens caught unawares in a forest glen. Magnetic Mama by Natalie Daughton displays powerful bonds among members of a modern urban tribe.

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