Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BRIGADOON: Dedication

According to research by co-director Woods, Brigadoon was the first musical play produced by HSU on the Van Duzer Theatre stage.  "Dr. John Pauley directed it--he was chair of the Theatre Arts department in the 1960s," Woods recalled.  "His wife Lynn designed the costumes.  I was an undergraduate then, and I remember seeing it.  John and Lynn Pauley supervised the design of the theatre and the Theatre Arts building.  It was their vision that brought the program to its height.  So this production is dedicated to John and Lynn Pauley."

The new production will be the first musical since the makeover of the John Van Duzer Theatre this past summer, its first major renovation since opening as the Sequoia Theatre in 1960. It will also be the first musical to use the new microphone and sound system. “We’ve finally moved into the 21st century,” Cheyne said. “We’re doing everything we can to bring the audience into this magical world.”

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