Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blithe Spirit: Audition Call

Auditions for

Blithe Spirit
an improbable comedy by
Noel Coward

AUDITIONS in Gist Hall #2
Sunday, Dec. 4th, 4-6:30 PM
Monday, Dec. 5th, 8-10 PM
(Callbacks, Friday, Dec. 9th, 5-7 PM, if needed.)

Preview Scripts available in TA #20:
Auditions will consist mainly of readings from the script.

PRODUCTION dates: February 29 - March 4, 2012
Venue: JVD Theatre, HSU

CHARACTERS: 5 Women & 2 Men:
Edith: Age: 17-35, a maid, inexperienced, eager to please. She’s only been on the job a few days.
Ruth Condomine: Mid-30’s, a socialite, “smart-looking,” brisk, in control. Current wife of Charles.
Elvira Condomine: Ghost, looks mid-to-late-20’s, charming, attractive, mischievous, spoiled. Deceased wife of Charles.
Violet Bradman: Middle-Aged, “fair, faded,” pleasant. Wife of Dr. Bradman.
Madame Arcati: 45-65, psychic, a medium, striking, sincere, fit, bold, & the real deal, just not quite a complete expert.
Charles Condomine: 40-ish, attractive, a successful novelist, initially skeptical of the occult. Currently married to Ruth, previously to Elvira.
Dr. George Bradman: Middle-Aged, pleasant-looking, a medical doctor. Married to Violet.


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