Wednesday, February 15, 2012

But Charles is also starting to worry.  What exactly is Elvira up to?

And so the plot thickens.  It will bring Madame Arcati back, and even involve the Condomine's mysterious maid, Edith.   But the mayhem in this English country house has only begun...

Blithe Spirit was one of Noel Coward’s most successful plays. Its first run cheered 1940s wartime London as it became the longest running comedy to that time, and it soon had Broadway laughing as well. Coward himself was at the height of his fame as a playwright, songwriter, performer and glamorous international celebrity.

"Everybody loves a ghost story, and everybody loves a comedy," said director Jyl Hewston.  "This play is both."

Blithe Spirit will be produced in the Van Duzer Theatre, to take advantage of its facilities for creating the haunted house special effects.

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