Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hannah Lautze, Jared Mathis, Shelby House in No Ecosystems Were Harmed During the Making of This Dance by Sharon Butcher.

Sharon Butcher’s own dance brings a North Coast consciousness—and some eco-silliness—to No Ecosystems Were Harmed During the Making of This Dance, which deploys 20 dancers amidst recycled materials to have fun but make a point, “not only about recycling and reusing, but re-inventing and re-creating,” Butcher said. This dance was selected as one of the top ten dances performed at the recent Northwest Conference of the American College Dance Festival.

Also on the light-hearted side, senior Marissa Young sets tap dancers against contemporary dancers in Playful Cadence.  Named after a Fred Astaire-sung tune, Slap That Bass is a tribute to Broadway and Hollywood musicals by dance faculty member Linda Maxwell. It is “completely entertaining from beginning to end," Butcher said.

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