Wednesday, March 21, 2012

          In Constellations: Fernandez McKeever: Aimee Page, Emily Steele, Allison Rosati.

Choreographer: Erin Fernandez McKeever

A ballet inspired by the movement of the stars in the night sky, depicting stellar formations plotted on the celestial sphere, with Polaris, the North Star. “Erin’s piece is a really beautiful ballet, with slow and subtle but very striking movements,” said Sharon Butcher. “Originally the dancers weren’t going to be ‘on point,’ but they were doing such a beautiful job, Erin decided to go ahead and give them that extra challenge.” Music by Ray Lynch.

Slap That Bass
Choreographer: Linda Maxwell

A four part musical theatre number following the classic musical story of boy-meets girl etc., until they realize that life isn’t worth living unless they ‘slap that bass.’ Dance Studies professor Linda Maxwell choreographs 18 dancers in this tribute to Broadway and Hollywood musical dancing. “For our informal evening of dance last year, Linda had her jazz class do an assortment of musical theatre numbers,” said Sharon Butcher. “They were so fabulous and the dancers had so much fun, I asked her if she would create a montage of musicals for this concert. She found a through-line and choreographed a crisp and spicy dance, with all the best things we love about musical theatre. It’s completely entertaining from beginning to end.”

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