Wednesday, April 18, 2012

There are several differences in the festival this year. According to first-time Festival coordinator John Heckel, all seven plays will be presented on a single set. “ We have three plays that involve a restaurant or dining hall, so we’re using that as a framework. The first play takes place in a restaurant with everybody on stage, sitting at tables. Then when that play ends, the center area will open up for two more intimate plays, but all the actors will stay on stage, watching the performance, so there will be an audience within the audience. Then the entire space is used again for the dining hall setting. Then two more intimate plays before the last one that involves an entire restaurant.”

Although all the plays are written and acted by students as usual, because of the dearth of experienced student directors, Heckel is directing all but one (which is directed by graduate student Liz Uhazy.) There are some advantages to this. “The writers are getting a lot of focus and attention and detailed work on the scripts, and beginning actors are getting some good detailed feedback, and dialogue with the writers.”

Photo: Director/Coordinator John Heckel, Producer/Stage Manager Katie Dawson.

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