Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shakuntala: A Unique Production

The Shakuntala story has been performed countless times in India, including movies and an ongoing television series. But western translations are old and more literary than dramatic. So after years of research, Margaret Thomas Kelso, playwright and chair of HSU Department of Theatre, Film & Dance, wrote an adaptation for the stage, and for a 21st century American audience.

“It comes from a different dramatic tradition,” Kelso said. “But the essence of Shakuntala is this very sweet fairy tale--with the usual ominous complications-- that everyone can enjoy, including children.”

Director Rae Robison has also been involved in this process for several years. Add to that the original music by HSU Music chair Brian Post, and it’s a unique production of a classic seldom seen anywhere in the U.S.

With a cast of 20, many performing multiple parts, Shakuntala is colorful, romantic, fanciful and magical. “It’s fresh, exotic and fun,” said Margaret Kelso. “It’s a family-oriented show, so it’s a nice alternative for the holidays.”

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