Thursday, March 21, 2013

                                                                    Keili Simmons Marble, Jared Mathis

While some of the dances emerged from a class process designed to investigate elements of personal growth or social issues, nearly all the choreographers named such subjects as influencing the creation of their dances. Their challenge was to develop a dance vocabulary to give body to these explorations.

 What the inspiration for many of these dances might have in common is the struggle for balance, in life as well as in dancing “On the Edge of Your Feet.”

 In Carrie Walpole’s solo, the dancer’s goal is to find a balance between control and letting go. Kelly-May Roberts explores the pressures of negative energy that can unbalance a life by going to the dark side to explore a body taken over by evil.

 In Jenny Wright’s “Courage in Both Hands,” dancers explore the balances of fear and vulnerability involved in authentic human connection. Kara Ajetunmobi is inspired by balancing the security of the familiar with the challenge of the new.

 Other dances explore the possibilities of balancing the natural and the artificial, group and individual, confidence and uncertainty. Or they explore forces that throw you off balance, like cultural notions of body image and gender stereotypes, or opposition and the unforeseen.

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