Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Though fans of the movie will find all the characters and bits they know and love, everyone will get to discover them in a new way in this show.  

 Here's a preview: Frederick Frankenstein (Erik Standifird) is Victor’s American grandson, engaged to tease-artist Elizabeth (Anna Duchi.) Lured to the family castle in Transylvania, he meets Inga, his lovely young lab assistant (Ashley Adams), his odd servant Igor (Christopher Moreno ) and the mysterious Frau Blucher (Sasha Shay.) Did I just hear a horse whinny?

 When young Frankenstein succumbs to the temptation to complete his grandfather’s work by creating his own monster, the results are both classic and unexpected. Then angry townspeople led by the partly mechanical Inspector Kemp (Keith Brown) are banging at the gates, leading to more music and mayhem. 

 There's lots of singing and dancing, including a tap-dancing monster. And then there’s a happy ending. Sort of. In a strange way.

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