Saturday, March 15, 2014

                          Ginger Greenlee, Alexandra Stock

Ya Msafer Whadek (The Lonely Traveler)
 Choreographer: Shoshanna
 Performers: Lisa Drew, Ginger Greenlee, Shelby Harris, Jessica Jewett, Natalie Johnson, Emily Mensing, Hannah Moss, Nathalie Mostrel, Amanda Perez, Emily Pickney, Eboni Session, Kirsten Stambaugh, Ava Stavros, Alexandra Stock
Music by Mohammed Adel Wahab.

 A popular piece for 50 years with a song made famous by diva singer Um Kalthoum. The genre of this dance is Egyptian Raks Sharqi, often called “belly dance.” In this interpretation, one dancer seeks companionship among dancers in her mind who enter and leave like wisps of smoke.

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