Saturday, March 15, 2014

                        Kelsey Brennan, Aimee Page and Ginger Greenlee

The Coriolis Effect
 Choreographer: Allie Phinney
 Performers: Lauren Baker, Kelsey Brennan, Ginger Greenlee, Dani Gutierrez, Kyle Hinshaw, Jessica Jewett, Julia Kandus, Hailey Oster, Adrien Padilla, Aimee Page and Emily Pinckney.
Sound Design: Glen Nagy
Costume Coordinators: Sharon Butcher, Allie Phinney, and veils donated by Shoshanna Rose.

 Combining the shapes and creations of human bodies with the bright flow of 4-yard veils in a whirlwind of dance, this lyrical, modern piece is inspired by playful winds and the connections between the spirit and the elements.

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