Friday, November 21, 2014

The End of History: Our Production

Director/Sceneographer: Mark Swetz
Director: Shea King
Lighting Director: Ethan Ng
Sound Director: Rilo Wade, Connor Spurr
Costume Director: Kayden O'Keefe
Video Artist: Samantha Boyd
Choreographer: Fiona Meila
Script: Heidi Voelker, Harry Sundberg, Bryan E. Kashon
Dramaturge: Stephanie Buck
Production/Stage Manager: Jillian Park
Head Dresser: Michelle Purnell-Grace
Assistant Director: Cody Miranda
Assistant Stage Managers: Margaret Champaux, Sam Silva

Costume Shop Manager: Catherine Brown
Administrative Support: Debra Ryerson, Lorraine Dillon
Publicity Photography: Kellie Brown
Publicity/blog copy & design: Bill Kowinski

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