Friday, February 20, 2015

February 2015: HSU Film Showcase

HSU filmmakers get their first audience while the public has its first opportunity ever to see new student films at the HSU Film Showcase, a free event on February 20 in the Van Duzer Theatre.

 “This is our first celebration of all four film production courses since our film major launch in fall 2013,” said filmmaker and film professor David Scheerer. “We’re especially excited for this big-screen premiere of films produced in our Senior Capstone course, taught for the first time last spring. These are festival quality films by creative and hard-working emerging filmmakers.” 

 “Each film is the result of countless hours invested by HSU Film students collaborating with their crews, staff and faculty both in and out of the classroom to express their unique vision and aesthetic.” 

 Andrew Baird’s Deep Sleep and Jassen Lloyd’s Cafe Americain are products of the new Senior Capstone course. Wil Guilfoyle’s  Connection and Jim Simmons’ Old Dudes were created in Film Directing.

 Advanced Production is represented by Turner Bazen’s Moldy Love, Channing Salazar’s The Carpet Sweeper, and Forge by Savannah Carpenter, Zane Critch and Andrew Baird. 

 Melissa Zeigler and Aaron Silviera made Superbad in Intermediate Production, while short films by Alex Orozco, Wil Guilfoyle, Nick Handcock and Tobias Worrall represent the Beginning Production class.

 “To put his or her work on public display for the first time is the ‘moment of truth’ for every artist,” Scheerer said. “Every filmmaker will be watching their own work for the first time at the Showcase, because they’ll be experiencing it through the eyes of its first audience.” 

 The HSU Film Showcase presents student films of 2014 on Friday February 20 at 7 p.m. in the Van Duzer Theatre. Admission and parking are free. No ticket necessary.  Produced by HSU Department of Theatre, Film & Dance. 

Media: HSU Now, Mad River Union

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