Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Dances: "Cove Swimmer's Prayer"

Choreographer: Jandy Bergmann and dancers
Dancers: Cheri Anchondo, Nerissa Castilleja, Valerie Coon, Alisha Goodrich.

Musical Excerpts: "Dark Blue Circumstance" by Paul Dresher
Lighting Design: Lisa Voelker
Costume Design: Catherine Brown

Inspired in part by the inventiveness of choreography students at HSU. The dance is composed entirely of movements which the four dancers created. I have also been inspired recently by the experience of adopting twin 2 and 1/2 year old girls. I am amazed at the emotional challenges, at how much sadness, anger, and fear I sometimes feel. Cove Swimmer's Prayer is about how these feelings can *heal* though, and about a certain kind of communion with nature which helps that process. I titled the dance after a poem by the local writer, Jerry Martien. "One of the things that Jandy does best in is process, in having the dancers and the choreographers create together. This is a lovely, delicate dance--it's like a piece of spacious poetry."

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