Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Dances: "AlieNation"

Choreographer: Alisha Goodrich
Dancers: Cheri Anchondo, Nerissa Castilleja, Hannah Farrell,
Sierra Goncharoff, Kelly Gordon, Jessica Jewett, Jackie Silva, Kendra Stanton, Jerri Sweeney.
Sound Design: Glen Nagy and DJ Boogie
Music: Mixed by DJ Boogie
Musical Excerpts: DJ Shadow, Erykah Badu, Sam Cooke and DJ Z-Trip
Scenic and Light Design: Rachel Parti and Genneveve Hood
Costume Design: Laura Rhinheart

Inspired by a painting by the choreographer’s father and by her desire to capture the concept of personal and societal alienation in an abstracted dance composition. The dance combines strong, sculptural movements and scenic design, and is danced to a contemporary and relevant score that highlights the concept of alienation as well as the possibility for resolution. “The music has a very urban flavor, with interjections of hip hop and sections of speeches. Alisha is playing with different ways that we as Americans and as human beings have feelings of alienation. It’s evolved into this really powerful, beautiful dance.”

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