Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Dances: "Currents"

Choreographer: Nerissa Castilleja
Dancers: Erika Burg, Arianna Chapman, Hannah Farrell, Kelly Gordon, Jessica Jewett, Keli Marble, Jerri Sweeney
Music: Steve Reich, Electric Counter Point, Fast, performed by Pat Methany.
Edited by: Glen Nagy
Scenic and Light Design: Julia Chase and Laura Rhineheart
Costumes Design: Laura Rhineheart

This dance was featured at the American College Dance Festival Northwest Conference in March.
From the depths of the ocean an array of colors arise! A school of fish moving across the stage as in water, on an upward journey, rising towards the surface sunlight. This dance is an abstraction of nature’s own choreography and uses the playful color pallet found in the reefs of Hawai'i". “Nerissa went to Hawaii on an educational exchange program, where she was so taken with the colors and the light. In this dance she uses the momentum and fast-changing directions of schools of fish.”

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