Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Dances: "Revenge Served Cold"

Revenge Served Cold
Choreographer: Jackie Silva
Dancers: Nerissa Castilleja, Juan Cruv, Sierra Goncharoff, Monica Hernandez, Ozvaldo Ricardez, Xelha Weisman.
Scenic Design: Ali Bertramo and Kelsey Morgan
Scenic Artist: Osvaldo Ricardez
Costume and Light Design: Ali Bertramo

A dance that portrays every girl’s dream-vendetta towards her cheating boyfriend. Through comedic, literal and abstract movements, we watch as Hot-Rod Dolls are toyed with, and lied to by two heart-throbbing Daddy-O’s. Once these oblivious dolls figure out the Daddy-O’s game, the dolls form an alliance. The result is, of course, revenge. “ The dancers are an over-the-top rockabilly street gang; This is basically a love triangle, times two: the guy, the good girl and the Other Woman. It’s funny and fun.”

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