Wednesday, April 7, 2010

photo: Carrie Walpole in Julia Giardino's "Cortex Kaleidoscope."

Student choreographers explore themes such as the mental swirl of emotion (“Cortex Kaleidoscope” by Julia Giardino), cultural ideas of beauty (“The Little Birds Call This Beauty” by Xelha Weisman), the attraction of opposites (“Synergy2” by John Trautwein), inner healing (“In Vision” by Natasha Harrell) and the debate over health care (“The Haves and the Have Nots” by Leanne Nettles.)

Some 55 dancers from HSU and the local community will participate. The student choreographers are: Julia Giardino, Natasha Harrell, Jessica Manuel, Leanne Sutton Nettles, Suzy Sciancalepore, Jackie Silva, John Trautwein and Xelha Weisman. Faculty choreographers are Erin Fernandez, Linda Maxwell and Jeff O’Connor.

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