Wednesday, April 7, 2010


photo: Kendra Staton and Jessica Manuel in Xelha Weisman's "The Little Birds Call This Beauty."

The Little Birds Call This Beauty
Choreographer: Xelha Jovita Weisman
Music: Alec Wiggin
The Dancers: Jennifer Clark, Kelly Gordon, Jessica Manual, Daniele Peters, Kendra Staton, Hayley Winkleblack.
Musician: Ozzy Ricardez

Exploring cultural definitions of beauty and different ideas of what is beautiful, with a mixture of ballet and modern movements.

Xelha Jovita Weisman is an HSU senior in Interdisciplinary Dance Studies, approaching dance as sacred tradition through Religious Studies.

Choreographer: Erin Fernandez
Music: Vivaldi
Dancers: Lauren Amy, Nikole Bergener-Kellams, Lindsay Bond, Jacqueline Bookstein, Erika Burg, Julia Giardino,Catey Hager, Natasha Harrell, Hannah Lautze, Gina Lee, Kendall Lewis, Sophia Mackell, Keili Simmons Marble, Whitney Meier, Ozzy Ricardez, Kendra Staton, Michelle Voorhees,Xelha Jovita Weisman, Hayley Winkleback, Jasmine Wolfe.

Prepare to laugh out loud with a water ballet on dry land—whether it’s synchronized swimming or a play-date at the pool, our bathing beauties are in the comedic deep end.

Erin Fernandez teaches dance at HSU in the Theatre, Film & Dance department, along with running her own Arcata dance school.

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