Wednesday, April 7, 2010

photo: Wendy Gonzalez and Omar Garcia, dancers in "Yucatan."

Choreographers: Jeff O’Connor, Jackie Silva
Music: Traditional
Dancers: Elvira Bonaga, Melissa Centeno, Julia Dorso, Amy Duarte, Travis Fortenberry, Omar Garcia, Wendy Gonzalez, , Rolando Navarro Rodriguez, Lauren Peyton, Alan Ramirez, Anna Rivera, Leonora Rivera, Talisa-Marie Torres, Jackie Silva, John Trautwein.

Four dances from the Yucatan in southeast Mexico, the cradle of the culture that once dominated all of Central America. These dances preserve the elegant dignity of early Spanish dance, but with an exotic flavor, such as arm movements that reflect their origins in worship of the sun. With quick, intense movement, one up-tempo “jarana” requires dancers to balance a tray on their heads.

Jeff O’Connor teaches folklorico dance at HSU, among other subjects. Jackie Silva is an HSU student dancer.

She’s Been Listening
Choreographer: Suzy Sciancalepore
Music: Derek Smith
Dancers: Arianna Chapman, Julia Giardino, Lyndsey Lascheck, Jessica Munger, Bonnie Schlotfeldt, Jasmine Wolfe.

A modern dance commentary on feeling alone in a crowd, and how such feelings of isolation and separation affect us.

Suzy Sciancalepore is a dance major at HSU, completing her junior year.

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