Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Photo: Keili Marble Simmons and Leanne Nettles in "Beats Me...Again."

Beats Me
Choreographed and Performed by: Gina Lee, Kate Monroe, Jennifer Moore, Jessica Munger, Leanne Sutton Nettles .

A unique element of this dance concert: three dances on a comic theme—a spoof of spy movies and related entertainments to the signature jazz of Henry Mancini—each choreographed by the dancers in that particular dance, and performed at different times throughout the concert.

Beats Me...Again
Choreographed and Performed by: Ivan Castillo, Natasha Harrell, Christiana Lawhorn, Keili Simmons Marble, Leanne Nettles.

Beats Me...One More Time
Choreographed and Performed by: Gina Lee, Jennifer Moore, Keili Simmons Marble, Leanne Nettles, Danielle Van de Wetering.

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