Wednesday, April 7, 2010

photo: Gina Lee, Catey Hager and Aren Rye in John Trautwein's "Synergy2"

Choreographer: John Trautwein
Music: Ganga Giri
Dancers: Catey Hager, Gina Lee, Aren Rye.

Two female dancers and one male dancer enact opposite forces coming together to participate and inspire.

John Trautwein is a senior studying Dance as Language and Culture at HSU.

The Haves and Have Nots
Choreographer: Leanne Nettles
Music: compilation
Dancers: Kara Ajetunmobi, Erika Burg, Arianna Chapman, Stephanie Corah, Kendall Lewis, Jessica Manuel, Jennifer Moore, Brandy Rose, Kendra Staton, Jasmine Wolfe.

A powerful, emotional dance influenced by this year’s health care debate, following four individuals with different medical needs, and the responses of society.

Leanne Nettles is a double major in Interdisciplinary Dance Studies and Psychology at HSU.

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